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Natural honey granulates; it gets hard over time. It’s a fact of real honey.

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Creamed Honey

Natural honey granulates; it gets hard over time. It’s a fact of real honey. There are some honeys that take more time, but it all granulates. Honey that has been pasteurized and high pressure filtered won’t granulate, but of course by then it contains no healthy enzymes (the reason we eat honey). It’s just liquid sugar. Creamed, or whipped, honey is made by controlling the size of the crystals in naturally granulating honey, the smaller and more oval the crystals, the creamier the honey.

Cotton honey granulates very quickly, within days of bottling. So it is a good choice for making creamed honey. I had almost 90 lbs. of cotton honey. Here are 15 of the 88 tubs we made this weekend. Two of the tubs are turned on their sides to show the creamed honey (semi-solid and not pouring on the counter).

Some of Our


If you drag a spoon across creamed honey, it liquifies a little. Creamed honey is way less messy than the liquid honey and is great for spreading on biscuits and bread. In fact, it can be used for all the same things for which you use liquid honey, but it’s less messy and is still 100% pure honey.

Killing v/s Removing Honey Bees

Tish and Jeff Anderson had a problem last year. They did the right thing in contacting a beekeeper to remove the bees, but they did not contact the right one. Here’s the situation: The bees were first noticed when the cable guy got stung hooking up their cable lines last year. They were entering between mortar slots in bricks, going up under the siding of the second floor. The ceiling joists betweent he first and second floors are located in this area. No one knew how long the bees had been in the house. The beekeeper assumed that the colony was a recent swarm and did a simple trap removal. No siding was removed and no visual of the hive was conducted. He then sprayed a pesticide in the entry way and stuffed the entrance with No Pest Strips. Everything appeared to work and the Andersons were satisfied. Shortly after the removal, the Andersons started having issues with ants and small white maggot-like lavae on that end of the house. A little more time passed and rats moved in. Pest and animal control companies were called. Finally, this Spring Wax Moths started coming into the upstair bedroom. The Andersons were told that small hive beetles and wax moths were eating the honey combs that were left unattended in the corner of their house when their honey bees werre killed last year. Then a week ago, honey started dripping into their front room!!!

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” Always cheerful and friendly. Ordered many packages of bees through him. We get all our bee supplies and hives through him, as well, including children sized bee suits! More than willing to listen and give advice and offer tips.. “

Nick Burke
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He is very helpful with info about bees. He always puts the bees first over the dollar. Prices od products are awesome. “

Mark Garza
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” Peter is a wonderful person to do bee business with! Store is open before 830 and after 230 till around 5 or 6ish. Maine’s authority on bees. “

Erica Greene
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” Knowledgeable, informative,and pleasant. Aways a pleasure. Check out the YouTube channel! “


Honey Bees in Chickasaw Gardens District, Memphis, TN

Chickasaw Gardens is a nice older part of Memphis with a lot of really cool homes. This home was in process of being sold when the honey bees were discovered. The plaster walls and ceiling made it a little difficult to locate the colony, but they were located in the dormer void above the window. They were removed and relocated to Germantown Farm Park.

Storage Unit Honey Bees Memphis, TN

When you enter a storage unit, do you ever look up? Have you ever wondered what may be above your head. You know spiders and roaches may be on the floor, but what else may be lurking in the shadows? Maybe honey bees…

This is what was just inside the door of a local storage unit in Memphis, TN. The comb and bees were removed and relocated to Bartlett, TN. The queen was found and has been marked for tracking purposes in her new home.