Bee Removal/Relocation

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer

Bee Removal and Relocation

Bee Removal and Relocation

he Bartlett Bee Whisperer removes and relocates honeybees from homes and trees in the Midsouth (West Tennessee, East Arkansas and North Mississippi). We do not advocate killing honeybees, because they pollinate over 1/3 of our food. WITHOUT THEM WE WOULD STARVE. After the honeybees and combs are removed from homes, a residual pesticide is used to prevent new swarms and other insects from re-entering the structure. Use of Pesticides not only wastes the honey and wax, it kills bees that could otherwise be relocated and used to pollinate our food. Pesticides leave the hive and bees inside to rot, stink, and even ruin the structure around it!

We do not advocate the trap-out method of removing honeybees either. This reduces the population of the hive by removing only the field bees (those collecting pollen and honey) leaving the queen and house bees within the house structure. If the bees left behind survive this process then it will appear as if the bees have moved back in, when in reality they never left.

Removal from Homes

Although honeybees are wonderful creatures, they sometimes get where they don’t belong – like in our homes! They move into what they see as a Big Hollow Tree, and can become a painful annoyance where pets and children play. Honeybees are not messy house guests. They are one of the cleanest creatures in the world, but if the honeybees abscond (forsake the hive) or if they are killed, then the wax combs will melt in the Summer heat and the leaking honey can ferment and mess up walls and ceilings. If enough honey has been stored by the bees, then ceilings will fall in and walls will bow out. This is when it gets really messy really quick. Even if no evidence of honey is seen, the smell of it will invite other critters into the home. Roaches and mice will clean up the mess for the homeowner. But who wants roaches and mice in their home? The Bartlett Bee Whisperer can remove an unwanted beehive, moving the honeybees to a home where they are more welcome.

Removal from Trees

Honey bees’ natural home is in the trees. But when a tree must be trimmed or removed, or is near people who don’t want to be stung, The Bartlett Bee Whisperer can remove the honeybees to somewhere less troublesome. Unlike with a home removal, heavy smoke is utilized to drive the honeybees from the tree where they are subsequently captured and moved to a new home. For pricing on bee removal and relocation services, Contact The Whisperer!

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